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Viktoria Rampal Dzurenko presents her solo exhibition, oil paintings and graphic works in the Slovak House in Prague. A native of Zvolen of Slovakia and a graduate of FAMU in Prague and the Pedagogical Faculty of Nitra, majoring in art and aesthetics, she has been a teacher for 12 years, teaching painting techniques and a successful filmmaker.

The exhibition of Viktoria is the first of the cycle “Slovak Art from Two Sides”, where we present the works of Slovak artists in the context of another state or culture. It is an intertwining of two cultures, or the interplay of two art or artists, always leading to the knowledge of Slovakia and its artistic endeavors.

Viktoria is such a fusion because since she married Indian filmmaker Ranjan Rampal, her world has been double world, the purity of the Slovak expression and the Indian color. It is imbued with India, its aura and people, but it still remains its feet in its native country, Slovakia. She paints a landscape that is Slovak, but with fusion of Indian colors. Her heart is so strong in the palm of your hand that you can feel the magic of Indian subculture and the illusion that Viktori naturally brings us. It is not just the motifs of Indian goddesses, or flowers, or other typical motifs; it is a color scheme that has become a part of her being and artistic expression. It is also the feeling of the soul that love is everything and that energy flows at this point in this place. But suddenly they jump to pointillism, as in pictures of trees, as if they were firmly on the foundations of European art and education.

An outstanding director, a doctoral student in the field of independent Indian film, went through another great experience, and this was her motherhood. This fact silenced her to the position of admiration for the birth of life, to concentrate on paint and let this painting be observed by her children, to openly give them the moment of birth of the picture. For her, this is an exciting adventure and a story of her painting. There are not many artists painters and directors. After all, there is a possibility that her painting will actually be a film within her.

However, it leads to a deeper understanding that painting is from a mother and a wife and a filmmaker or say a life observer goes through a deeper approach to her own and to her potential. There is a way of knowledge and decision for the future that Viktoria will take.

Yet she remains enchanted by life and moment and is the girl, energetic and fresh, which gives us the opportunity to experience her moment with her, with the same intensity and experience, as if we had gone on a long journey to the Orient and carried our own countryside in our hearts.

  Prague, August 2019 Mgr. Světlana Kalousková


Viktoria Rampal Dzurenko is finally having her big painting exhibition and it is starting on 20 august 2019 at 6 pm (OPENING) till 13 September. Please come and be with us on the beautiful opening event. Thanks to Pan Vladimír Skalský and Pani Světlana Kalousková, the event is being organized at Slovenský dom v Prahe. Viktoria will be there and will take you with her life journey of imagination and colors through her paintings. The exhibition will continue till 13 September 2019. Her paintings bring her experience of her individual journey and inspiration of Slovakia, Czech Republic and India.

You may buy or book your painting with our painter Viktoria. There will be vine and an opening event.

Pozývame Vás 20. augusta o 18:00 na vernisáž maliarskej výstavy slovenskej maliarky a režisérky s indickými presahmi Viktorie Rampal Dzurenko. Prosím, príďte a staňte sa súčasťou živého zážitku z farieb a fantázie. Čaká Vás aj čaša vína a indický klasický tanec, umelkyňa pricestuje priamo z tejto veľkej krajiny. Kurátorkou Světlana Kalousková, otvorí riaditeľ Slovenského domu v Prahe Vladimír Skalský.

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