Viktoria a Lucia Exhibition – Arteska Detva Slovakia from 3 Jul 2020

03/07/2020 – 06/09/2020

03/07/2020 – 06/09/2020

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Partizánska 63, 962 12 Detva

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House full of exhibitions 2020 – Exhibition Our Kingdom by drotárka Lucie Maňková and artist and filmmaker Viktori Rampal Dzurenko

Lucia Maňková, Viktori Rampal Dzurenko

Both authors were born in 1982 in Zvolen in two neighboring houses and so they were somehow destined to become close souls. They started creating as a child, when as little girls they made various wooden toys or figures from clay in a grandfather’s workshop. After graduating from high school, however, their paths parted and each of them embarked on their own lives.

Lucia Maňková

She is a civil engineer in Bratislava and discovered wire work about 10 years ago. It literally enchanted her how an ordinary, basically 1-dimensional wire bought in a hardware store, which no one even notices, can be transformed into a 3D object, which, with a little luck, someone will notice. One works manually with one’s hands and the mind is still breathing – it flies. The author, as a lecturer at ÚĽUV in Bratislava, teaches all levels of wire techniques for adults and also teaches children. In his work, she mostly dedicates herself to the creation of three-dimensional objects from the animal and plant kingdoms made by classical wire techniques from galvanized and black annealed wire.

Viktória Rampal Dzurenko 

She was born on May 6, 1982 in Zvolen, Slovakia, and her life gradually took her through the Czech Republic to India, where she completed numerous study stays and research trips, for example at the Film Institute in Pune or SRFTII Kolkata. After graduating in film directing at FAMU, she deals with the phenomenon of Indian auteur film as part of her doctoral studies. She also studied aesthetics and art education at the Faculty of Education and Philosophy, UKF in Nitra. She has been painting since she was a child: “my painting, it’s me, whole, I paint pictures of my soul with colors.” She has been teaching children and adults film and art creation and education for more than 12 years. She teaches at FAMU, on cat. Art education, Charles University in Prague, at the Aeroškola, at the Jan Hanuš Art School – ZUŠ, privately. She loves his work as an artist and a teacher, she perceives it as mutual enrichment, she devotes herself to it creatively and prefers an individual approach. She uses various techniques to teach art and also likes to experiment with students. She is interested in the culture, philosophy and history of India, she is making films, oil paintings, and plans to open her own art school in the future. With her work, a number of other people would motivate other people to discover on their own.

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