Naduvan – Dr. Burn & Michael Rao | Shalini Don

Naduvan – Dr. Burn & Michael Rao | The Spiritual Odyssey | Shalini Don

director Viktoria Rampal Dzurenko
choreography and dance Shalini Don
editor and dramaturgy Ranjan Rampal
cinematography SOURABH WAGHMARE
This is a pure Indian classical dance choreographed to a Tamil song, Naduvan, which is written and composed by a Malaysian Indian rapper and songwriter, Dr. Burn. Naduvan is a devotional song that places emphasis on Shaivism. The story of Markandeya, an exemplary character found in the Puranas, was incorporated in the choreography to enhance the meaning of the song. For detailed description about the dance, click on the link below:… I do not hold any copyrights to the audio used in the video. All rights reserved to the respective authorities.

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